etsy bot

"Grow Your Account And Become One Of
The Top Etsy Sellers"

From the creators of: Poshmark Pro Tools

etsy bot

Tired of following endless amounts of stores on Etsy? 

The clicking gets too repetitive after a while, and honestly, you only have so much patience!

Let's Welcome EtsyBot.

The easy to use Etsy account growth tool that will follow other Etsy sellers with a few clicks of your mouse.
Simply open the software, log into Etsy, enter an Etsy store name into the the prompt box, and press start...

Thats seriously ALL you need to do!

The software will then, very intelligently begin to follow that account's followers!

You can use other store's success to your own benefit, if they are a successful store, you can now siphon off their followers and make them your own, this will help you emulate the success that THEY are having!